May 8, 2020 – Republican businessman and candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 7th District, Mark Gonsalves, released a new digital video ad highlighting the ever changing story from opponent Rich McCormick. The ad includes audio from a concerned voter who provided it to the Gonsalves campaign.

“Rich McCormick could have simply told the truth when asked why he didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016. Instead, he went down a path of deceit and now lies to cover for not voting for Trump. People who will tell you anything to receive your vote are not the type of people we need in Congress,” said Gonsalves.

He continued, “When first asked why he didn’t vote for Donald Trump Rich said it was because he was in Afghanistan. He later claimed he actually did mail in an absentee ballot but because he was in the military they would not be counted unless the election was close. 

He then changed the story that he mailed in an absentee ballot but it must have been lost in the mail. Unfortunately, there is no record of Rich requesting an absentee ballot in 2016. How could he mail in a ballot he never received? This has become the classic “dog ate my homework” story from Phony Rich. The real concern is not his voting record, but his willingness to create so many fake stories to cover for it.”

Gonsalves concluded, “We cannot continue sending people to Washington who will say anything to get elected. Rich has not even been elected and he’s already abused the people’s trust. It’s time to Stop The Nonsense!”  

View The Ad On YouTube Here >>https://youtu.be/dE5Nd0vqJN0 or watch below