May 20, 2020 – Republican businessman and candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 7th District, Mark Gonsalves launched his first TV ad campaign in the race for Congress.

The ad is a :60 spot that will air on the Fox News Channel throughout the day, including prime time.

“Voters are tired of the nonsense from career politicians and phony candidates who we continue to send to Washington. If we continue to elect the same candidates who are funded by special interest donors and super PAC’s, we’ll get the same lack of accountability and results. I’m proud to say, I’m the only candidate in this race refusing special interest and PAC money,” Gonsalves said.

He continued, “Georgians know we need more business people in Congress who have real world experience dealing with finances and budgets. The Chinese Coronavirus decimated the incredible economy President Trump oversaw, I’m the candidate with the experience to help President Trump do it again. I’m asking voters to cast their ballots for both businessmen, Donald Trump for President and Mark Gonsalves for Congress!” 


WATCH THE COMMERCIAL >> https://youtu.be/4Fl8qArldCY