April 14, 2020 – Georgia 7th Congressional District candidate, Republican Mark Gonsalves, officially endorses Representative Doug Collins for US Senate over incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler.

“Last month, I stepped up while others remained silent and called for Senator Kelly Loeffler’s resignation due to her insider stock trading scandal that profited off the Coronavirus pandemic. When others were afraid to speak out against a fellow Republican, I knew if we are truly going to drain the swamp, we must hold our own accountable,” said Gonsalves.

He continued, “More information has been made public that further incriminates Senator Loeffler of reprehensible self-dealing during a National Emergency. While I am focused on my own campaign for US Congress in Georgia’s 7th District, I feel it’s important to take a stand. I am officially endorsing Representative Doug Collins for US Senate over incumbent Kelly Loeffler. America must drain the swamp, even if that means fellow Republicans. As usual, I will pave the way for my Republican opponents who will follow behind after I have taken the arrows. It’s the difference between a true outsider and political opportunists.”