Republican businessman, Mark Gonsalves, candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 7th Congressional released a new digital ad, “Rich McCormick Thinks Conservatives Are Dumb.”

“Conservatives are constantly played for fools by slick candidates funded by super PACs like Rich McCormick. They tell us everything we want to hear during election time, and vote with the lobbyists and special interests when they get to Washington. Never again!” said Gonsalves.

He added, “Phony Rich McCormick tells voters he opposes surprise medical billing yet takes thousands and thousands of dollars from the nations largest perpetrator of surprise medical billing. As a businessman, I decided to run for office due to all the nonsense and phony politicians. Rich McCormick has proven himself to be another phony politician wannabe funded by PACs and Special Interests. It’s time to Stop The Nonsense!”

View the Ad Here or watch it below >> youtube.com/watch?v=NWEiGdf_6Qk&