Republican businessman, Mark Gonsalves, candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 7th Congressional district released the following ad and statement regarding opponent Rich McCormick.

“We’ve seen what happens when we send phony, slick candidates to Congress. They claim they’ll fight for us and claim they’ll support President Trump, but it always ends with the voters getting screwed.” said Gonsalves.

He continued, “Rich McCormick is trying to convince conservatives he’s a supporter of President Trump. But the fact is, Rich never voted for Donald Trump. Not in the Primary against establishment Republicans, and not even in November 2016 against Hillary Clinton! A slick candidate like Phony Rich will provide plenty of ‘excuses’… but there simply is no excuse.”

In the last election, Republicans only held the 7th District by 433 votes. Rich McCormick was not one of those voters. The 7th district needs someone who will go to Washington to Stop The Nonsense. Mark Gonsalves is a businessman who has never run for office and is an original Trump supporter. Unlike Rich McCormick, Gonsalves has refused donations from PAC’s and Special Interests.

View “Phony Rich” Here >> https://youtu.be/EImSwQHwRC8